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20th MAY 2018


What do you want to know?

Because it is a Hill Race in Bolsover

Why is it called the Bolsover Hill Race when it doesn’t go up Bolsover Hill?

No it goes up Villas Road, New Station Road, Castle Lane and Castle Street. It ends up in front of the Cenotaph.

So does the race go up Bolsover Hill?

There will be some road closures between 10:30 am and 01:00 pm. on

Villas Road:  to Chapel Road

Villas Road/New Station Road (as far as Castle Lane):  

Castle Lane/Castle Street (to the Pillar of Rock    

Pillar of Rock to the Cenotaph):  

                        Sorry about that but we have to keep everybody safe

I live in Bolsover will there be any road closures on the day?

Any money we make will go to the Cancer Centre. The group organising the event is entirely voluntary with professional help from MacMillan, we have corporate sponsors and have begged and borrowed resources to cover the costs (see our home page for thank you’s). The bigger the contribution we can make the better. So please donate now.

Does all of the money go to the Cancer Centre at Chesterfield Royal Hospital?

Oh yes!! They will be available before the event and on the day. They are free, but a donation would be appreciated (we suggest two pounds). Whether you are racing or not, it is a great programme and it tells you a lot more about the town.

Is there a Souvenir Programme?

Want to know more about Bolsover or how to get there? What about road closures?

If you can’t find the answer here email me and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.


Okay, fair  enough. Just email the organiser with this link. Make sure you put your name and address on it so we can identify you on the database. Sorry abut that.

Contact Us

Enough of this nonsense - I haven’t had my email confirmation of registration.

Yes!! He is so old, so much larger than life and roars so loudly  that some people from the Home Counties think he is a dinosaur. The locals like him and call him Dennis apart from one lady I met who once mistook him for  Frank.

Is there really a Beast of Bolsover?

How do I pay my registration fee?

Just click this link to get full instructions:.

I’m an entrant - what do I do on the day?

When is the latest I can register?

You can register on the web until Saturday night. If you fancy turning up on the day we will take registrations up to 45 minutes before the start (bring a tenner). See the instructions above to find out when and where to go.

Just click the link to get full instructions:.

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